Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Tom Cruise & Katie Holmes took a tantrumy Suri out for another late night

Tom Cruise & Katie Holmes took a tantrumy Suri out for another late night


I think Tom Cruise has finally finished filming Mission Impossible IV: Ghost Protocol, and he and Katie Holmes have finally been reunited, at long last. These are new photos of Tom, Katie and Suri out and about in NYC yesterday. Tom put on his favorite high heels and posed his ass off all day and night - seriously, they got pap’d like five different times, at five different locations.

The photos of Katie and Tom with Suri - who is making faces at the paparazzi - are from their exit of a theatre where they had just taken Suri to see American Idiot, that Broadway show with music from Green Day. Because Suri likes nothing better than spending her New York nights taking in Broadway shows and accompanying her mom to late-night dinners of Gummi penises and “c-ckblockers”. Why not just let the kid get a good night’s sleep?

Earlier yesterday, Katie taped the Top Ten list for David Letterman:

Suri’s face says it all for me.






celebitchy/Photos courtesy of Fame.

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