Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Pooja Gandhi's case against Shiva Ganapathy disposed

Pooja Gandhi's case against Shiva Ganapathy disposed

Kannada film actress Pooja Gandhi's arbitration case filed against producer-cum-director Shiva Ganapathy has been disposed by City Civil Court judge Majjige Nijaganavar in the wake of a compromise between them. Following the footsteps of Golden girl Ramya, The Mungaru Male star had earlier alleged that the producer had not cleared her dues of payment. So she had appealed for stay on the release of film Nee Illade.

According to the terms of the compromise petition, distribution rights of film Nee Illade in Dakshina Kannada and Hyderabad-Karnataka region, upto a collection of Rs 4 lakh, should be given to Pooja. "Over and above, if the any excess amount is there, it has been voluntarily agreed by the petitioner that it should go into the account of the producer, Shiva Ganapathy,” Pooja's counsel Murali Krishna told PTI.

Pooja had earlier charged Shiva Ganapathy of paying only Rs 4 lakh as advance out of the total amount of Rs 12 lakh that was due to her. Later, Pooja said, "Being an artiste, I do not like to stop the release of any film whether I act in it or not. I have agreed for the compromise to see that Shiva Ganapathy's career is not jeopardised."

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